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Sponsorship Opportunities

Get your name and products/services in front of this group by exhibiting, taking advantage of our sponsorship program, or advertising in our Annual Meetings Program App/Book and in the pre- and post- meeting editions of CSA News.

Combining both sponsorship and advertising along with your exhibit is the best way to get maximum exposure. As you know, multiple impressions will get a reaction from buyers. Contact Eric Welsh at 608-273-8081 or via email at  for more information.

Wi-Fi                                    $15,000
Opportunities still available — 1

Place your company logo and website in front of meeting attendees who utilize the complimentary Wi-Fi. Sponsorship also includes rotating banner ad placements on the mobile app.

 Hotel Keycards  SOLD           $10,000

 Stay at the top of the minds of Annual Meeting   attendees by putting your logo on the hotel   keycards of our top host hotels. Every time they   enter their hotel rooms, your logo will be seen.

Attendee Lanyards  SOLD                $10,000

Have every attendee wear your company logo around their neck! Your company logo will be printed on the meeting lanyards which are distributed to each attendee.

Welcome Reception           $10,000
Opportunities available — 4

Make a splash at the Annual Meeting’s most highly attended event.
    •  Prominent signage (at entrance & buffets)
    •  10’ x 10’ Exhibit Booth
    •   Keg/wine & snacks
              (in booth during Welcome Reception)
    •  Gold Level sponsor benefits

 Society Award Breakfast          $7,500   Opportunities available — 2

 Each society (ASA & CSSA) recognizes award   and scholarship recipients at their prestigious   Awards breakfasts featuring a plenary   lectureship speaker. Prominent signage, front-   of-room screen recognition, and an opening   mention by Society president are all included.

Coffee Breaks                                       $5,000

Multiple opportunities available

Be remembered for providing the wake-up call to attendees on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday morning! Your company name will be printed on cocktail napkins and signage in the area and your company representative can greet attendees in the break area conveniently located within the registration area.

Water Stations  SOLD          $3,500

Put your company name in front of attendees as they rehydrate throughout the day. Your company logo will be printed on signs at each water station, located throughout the convention center.

 Attendee Drawing   1 SOLD      $2,000    Opportunities still available — 1 (Tuesday)

 One winner per day, attendees must be present   to win = guaranteed traffic! Prominent   recognition throughout the  meeting and the   drawing will be held that day at your booth.

ASA & CSSA Technical Sessions
Contact for Pricing

Each Society has a series of sections, divisions, and communities focused on a variety of scientific and practical disciplines. These groups host technical sessions which attract focused audiences of a few hundred attendees at a time.


Student Sponsorships

Connect with Undergraduate (SASES) and Graduate Students

Graduate Student Social   $15,000

This event is one that the students don’t miss and look forward to every year. Have them remember your company by helping provide the food, beverages, and entertainment during the reception.

SASES Tour Buses                $10,000

Provide transportation for every student attendee to participate in valuable educational tours. Use this opportunity to position your organization as a partner in their future careers.


SASES Quiz Bowl                             $5,000

Besides meals, this is the most well attended SASES event for both students and their advisors. Opening recognition and banner signage is just the start.  Every single slide projected on the giant Quiz Bowl screen will have your logo.

Undergraduate Student Dinner & Awards Celebration          $15,000

Undergraduates come out in full-force to take part in the dinner and awards presentations that celebrates the SASES students and their successes. Have them remember your company by helping provide the food, beverages, and entertainment during the dinner and awards.

 SASES Breakfast & Keynote Speaker                                                      $10,000

 The SASES breakfast and keynote speaker   event serves as the kick-off event for the   SASES scientific program.  Provide a   sponsorship and place your company at the   forefront of this important event for   undergraduate student participants.

Student Competitions                       $1,500

Provide prize money and support for our undergraduate students.  Position your logo and message in front of the most elite students in our sciences. You may even find a potential new hire in the group. Competitions include: Speech, Club Poster, Oral,  and Research Symposium (Oral & Poster Available)

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