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Grad Students - there's so much happening at the Annual Meetings 

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In the meantime, check out this article by Grad Student Committee Chair, Rachel Owen, about her experience or this one on 6 Ways to Stand Out at a Conference.

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2016 Graduate Student Sessions

These sessions are designed by the graduate student committee specifically for graduate students. We thank the program planning committee for helping us bring these to all students at no cost.

Communicating Your Science for Graduate Students: Messaging for a Greater Impact

This session is being put on through a partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists Food and Environment Program and the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) at the University of Maryland.

Poster presentations

Interested in learning how to write about your research for new audiences, communicating its importance to various stakeholders, and finding more ways to make your research matter? In this interactive workshop, we will discuss effective science communication skills and provide you with the tools to write and speak about your own research to a variety of audiences, including the general public and decision-makers. Through presentations and collaborative exercises, the workshop will cover ideas for getting scientific information and research findings to broader audiences and distilling your research into the most important components (“Message Box” activity). Participants should come prepared with an abstract for a research project (either from the tri-societies conference or another meeting) to adapt for a writing activity. Participants will also practice communicating their messages in small groups. Breakfast items will be included with this session.

Think Tank on the Future of Agricultural and Environmental Research: Addressing the Need to Do More with Less

The research being conducted by our graduate students is at the core of scientific advancement within our Societies. Thus, we present a session, sponsored and run by the graduate students, to address to all members of the Societies the future of research. As has been stated numerous times before, the research funding culture is in a new paradigm that has not necessarily been faced before. As such, researchers must adapt to the changing times and address the concerns of a growing population with increased concern and scrutiny. This session is designed to serve as a platform for addressing the new reality in research and research funding, bringing together currently established and future professionals, both in the private and public nexus, from the fields of agronomy, crops and soils.  A panel of established experts with an in-depth understanding of the funding arena and future of ACS research will discuss the “sleeping giant” topics of  research including the perceived disconnect between relevant research and available funding, as well as the perpetual “battle” of basic vs. applied fields. 

Graduate Student Networking Session - Building Professional Relations 

The first half of this session starts with a brief and informative overview of professional networking, followed by a fun interactive workshop. The second half of the session is focused on networking with professional mentors from diverse fields, as well as with other graduate students in a casual environment.

Career Path Opportunities for Students, Post-Docs, and Early Career Members

This session will give students, post-docs, and early career members an opportunity to speak with experts in various career paths, in order to gain a better understanding of career options in our discipline. Experts will represent Academia, Government, Extension, Industry, International, NGO/Non-Profit, and Consulting career opportunities. The informal mini-panels of 2-3 experts per career path will allow for conversation and personal interaction between participants and mentors. Participants will also be able to move freely between groups if they are interested in multiple career avenues. The session is co-sponsored by the ACS Graduate Student Committee, ACS Early Career Committee, Soil Consulting Scientists, and the SSSA Early Career Committee. 

elevator speech

Elevator Speech Contest

Come watch  grad students and postdocs compete against each other to best describe their research in 45 seconds or less. Preregistration is required to participate, all are welcome to come watch and cheer on your favorite speaker.


Graduate Student Leadership Conference 

This year we've reimagined the Leadership Conference to include more of the highly talented individuals who apply. The conference begins on Saturday with skills building and networking that will lay the foundation for your week, but then moves into a design-your-own experience that will allow you to get the most out of the leadership conference while still getting the most out of your week at the Annual Meeting.

Student Internships

Want to contribute to the success of the annual meetings and earn cash? Sign-up to help ASA, CSSA, SSSA staff with various meeting activities. Sign up will open in the summer.

The internship program is open to post-docs, graduate, and undergraduate student members of the Societies. Nonmember students wishing to become a member may join at,, or Membership is available at a low cost to students. Please join by September 22, 2016 to be eligible to participate.

Interns will receive $50 for four (4) hours or $100 for eight hours (8) of service. Compensation will be made after the annual meetings. Preference will be give to students who can work longer shifts or multiple shorter shifts.

Selected interns will be notified of their positions by October 5, and will be required to "accept" their position within 2 weeks. If selectees do not respond, their positions will be offered to other applicants. Students who are not selected will be notified after all positions are officially filled.

Questions can be directed to

Sign up today.