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Annual Meeting Photography Contest

am photo contest

Thanks for your interest. This year's contest is over. Please come back next year!

Science isn't just found in the laboratory and classroom. It can also exist in art and photographs. What inspires you in a farm landscape, in a wetland or forest, in a plant you’re studying or a soil you’ve just unearthed? Display your vision by entering the 2016 Annual Photo Contest!

Winning photos will be displayed at our Phoenix Annual Meeting, and all submissions could be used for CSA News, Soil Horizons, Crops & Soils, websites, social media, and education purposes.

The themes for the photo contest are each Society’s tag lines:

ASA: Agronomy Feeds the World

CSSA: Plant Science for a Better World

SSSA: Soils Sustain Life

All members are eligible, including undergraduate and graduate students. All photos must be submitted by Sept. 15, 2016. No exceptions!

Prizes: Each Society will choose a 1st place winner who will receive $100.Three 2nd place winners will receive $50, and three 3rd place winners will receive $25.

Common questions:

1)  Is there a limit on how many photos a member can submit? You can submit up to four photos. However, only members can submit (lab staff, etc., are not included). Please note that only the photographer him or herself has the legal right to submit the photo.

2)  Is there a limit on how old the picture is? What if the photo was taken a couple years ago?  No worries--if it portrays the tag line, it’ll be a good entry!!

3)  Must the member be present at the Annual Meeting if submitting a photo or winning the contest? No.

4)  When will contest winners be notified? By Dec. 15, 2016, using the email provided with submission.

5) How are photos judged? The first round of judging is entirely based on how well the written statement demonstrates the Society's tag line. The next rounds of juding consider the artistic merits of the photo.

6) Questions? Contact

Good luck, and let the photographing begin! Click here to enter! 

Our 2015 winners:

ASA photo contest first place mango ASA photo contest second place rice ASA third place photo contest: terrace farming ASA photo contest honorable mention lunch CSSA photo contest first place barley CSSA second place photo contest turfgrass emission CSSA photo contest third place CSSA honorable mention barley SSSA photo contest first place peru peatlalnd SSSA photo contest second place NYC central park SSSA photo contest third place corn SSSA photo contest honorable mention fungus mushroom