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Quiz Bowl

Sunday, October 22, 8:00pm - 11:00 pm (time subject to change)


If you'd like to see the kind of questions that are asked in the quiz bowl, see this document which shows the first few rounds of questions from the 2001 Quiz Bowl.

Rules and Procedures

Quiz Bowl Registration - 2017 Registration is now closed.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Leege, Manager of Student and Early Career Programs.


Pre-registration is required to participate. One - four (4) member team is eligible to register from each university.  If more students wish to participate, up to four (4) additional students from each university are eligible to join multi-university teams.
University teams will be required to submit five (5) questions and answers in the crops and agronomy category and five (5) questions in the soils and environment category.  Additionally, two (2) optional questions and answers can be submitted. Students wishing to become members of a multi-university team are required to submit two (2) questions and answers in the category of their choice and have the option to submit two (2) additional questions and answers.

Teams are allowed to switch team members up until October 2. Simply email staff member Andi McDonald.


The competition will alternate between university and multi-university teams. The first round will pair two university teams and the second round, two multi-university teams. Subsequent rounds will follow the same format.  The number of questions per round and specific details of the question format will be provided at the beginning of the Quiz Bowl session.


The top university team will receive a traveling trophy and the top multi-university team will receive individual certificates.

Quiz Bowl Team