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Research Symposium Contest

Abstract submission for 2018 will open March 13.  Make sure you read all the rules below.

TBA. Early Abstract deadline 5:00pm EDT (includes Research Symposium and Club Poster)

TBA. Late Abstract deadline 5:00pm EDT (includes Research Symposium and Club Poster)

TBA. Final Abstract editing deadline.

The student member abstract fee is $30 if submitted by (TBA), or $50 if submitted by (TBA).

The National Research Symposium Contest develops the ability of students to construct research and competitively present those research findings through oral and poster presentations to judges at the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Annual Meetings.


  • Any undergraduate student or individual who performed the research as an undergraduate is eligible. Symposium presentation can occur when the student is an undergraduate or up to one semester after graduation.
  • Each author is encouraged to select an appropriate research subject and title, but also is encouraged to consult with others to find out what might make a good research topic. Each paper shall have as a second author an ASA, CSSA, or SSSA member or the student’s academic advisor listed on the Abstract.
  • The paper must be an original product of the contestant.
  • The contestant must meet all deadlines and follow appropriate guidelines for submission of the Certification Sheet and Abstract.
  • Students submitting abstracts must hold active membership in the Societies and will be assessed a $30 fee for each abstract submitted. Abstracts submitted using another person’s membership number will be disqualified. Membership status will be verified by the Societies’ staff.

Research Symposium Poster Example-2017


2018 Contest Chair
Dr. Sergio Abit
Oklahoma State University

Rachel Leege, CCA
Manager, Student and Early Career Programs


Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Research Symposium Oral Contest!

Section 1
1st Place: Brooke Bembeneck, University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point
2nd Place: Stella Pey, University of Wisconsin- River Falls
3rd Place: Sarah Dintelmann, Southern Illinois University

Section 2
1st Place: Madison Decker, Southern Illinois University
2nd Place: Amanda Modglin, University of Kentucky
3rd Place: Hunt Walne, Mississippi State University

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Research Symposium Poster Contest!

Section 1
1st Place: Rachel Seedorf
2nd Place: Brad Davis
3rd Place: Jess Bearse

Section 2
1st Place: Grace Ogden
2nd Place: Garrett Thurgood
3rd Place: Sheldon Hamblin

Section 3/5
1st Place: Jordyn Bush
2nd Place: Daphne Lofing
3rd Place: Sam Teten

Section 4
1st Place: Charles Walne
2nd Place: Amanda Jo Talbot
3rd Place: Kayla Broster