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5 Minute Rapid Presentations

Benefits | Format | FAQs | Important Dates

The importance of being concise

Simplify. SumMarize. Streamline.

Helping scientists strive for brevity in their communications, the Societies offer a compact style of presentation at the International Annual Meeting called "5 Minute Rapid" presentation. The training video to the right explains how to structure your talk to fit the "rapid" format.

In standard writing and presentation recommendations, experts state the following length limits:

  • Six words—recommended titles
  • Three minutes—best readership of blog posts
  • Three minutes—best viewership of YouTube videos

By following a 5-minute format, you are joining the leading edge of science communications.

5 Minute Rapid Benefits

What will you get out of doing a 5 Minute Rapid?

  • Brevity creates excitement. Be prepared for robust discussion about your research after the session is over.
  • Combine with a poster presentation, and the 5-minute talk becomes your “advertisement” for the poster session.
  • Experience with being concise gives you tools to communicate effectively with the public, funders, and other audiences.
  • Most importantly, you will learn to tell your story in a clear, succinct manner. In a world on information overload, we are truly successful only when we help others see why our work is important in a short, impactful way.

5 Minute Rapid Format

There will be three slides per talk. An optional template is downloadable from this site, and the 5-minute training video on this page gives examples of how to get to three slides within a 5-minute presentation.

  1. Title slide (six words)—uses the question as the title and lists authors/co-authors and their respective institutions.
  2. Results—one slide, including figure/table. Use SI units in text, figures, and tables.
  3. Recommendations/summary slide.

FAQs about the 5 Minute Rapid talks

  1. Questions about PowerPoint formatting:

  2. Questions about the technical program or other non-5 Minute Rapid questions:

  3. Will I really be limited to 5 minutes? Yes. The moderators are trained in this format and will ensure "Rapid" sessions run smoothly so all presentations run on time.

  4. How can I get help with making sure my talk is 5 minutes? Watch the training video on this page, and send any format and editing questions to Susan Fisk.

  5. Are there examples of other 5 minute talks? Yes, watch the 5 minute video training to see one in action.

  6. I want to change my title to more closely represent the 5 Minute Rapid format. Is this possible? Yes, editing of submissions can be done all the way up to the Annual Meeting. You will need your email submission confirmation, which contains login instructions. You will then be able to edit author, title, content, etc.

  7. I note an emphasis on 3 slides from the Rapid Presentation Training Video and PowerPoint Template. Is this the rule? Yes, based on previous experience, the committee has set a three slide rule in order to keep talks to 5 minutes. As a "rapid" presenter, you will need to stick to that format.


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Abstract submissions are closed.

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Submission Tools

Nonrefundable abstract fees for: March 13 - May 22     May 23 - June 5  
All Non-Members $75 $100
Professional Members $50 $70

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Members*
*You must be a student member of the Societies.

$30 $5

Important Dates  

Early abstract deadline: May 22, 4:00 PM CDT
Final abstract deadline: June 5, 4:00 PM CDT
     -All abstracts must be initiated by this date.
     -Submissions can be edited through August 23.

Program published online: Late July
Abstract editing deadline: Aug. 23*, 4:00 PM CDT

*This is the editing deadline for the printed program book and abstract USB. Edits can continue to be made for the online program and app.

Promote your presentation with the Annual Meeting Poster.

Society Logos for Presentations

ASA and CSSA logos are available for you to use in your presentations:

ASA Logo CSSA Logo


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